Upgrading BIOS Info. Needed!

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Thinking about upgrading the bios on my ECS K7S5A, so I went to there bios download page and there has to at least 10 different upgrades available, each one a newer version than the previous.

My question is will the latest one be enough ? Will it have all previous upgrades included or do I have to start at the oldest version and install all ? Should I install all ?

I think I already know the answer to the first part of my question... after all why else would they have previous versions available if the latest included all... right! ? I could be wrong on that tho.

Any info on this will be appreciated.
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Just use the latest version but make sure you get the right one -- there are LAN and non-LAN versions. There is a detailed FAQ on flashing this board here:

http://forum.ocworkbench.com/ocwbcgi/ul ... 4&t=002019
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