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#43871 by l-loobashank
Sun Feb 25, 2007 6:04 am
i updated my bios and get the checksum error. ok so i enter the bios and load the defaults and when i hit save and exit i hit yes and enter. the screen goes completely blank like it is sleeping. i power it down and tried restarting it with no success so i cleared the cmos. i get the checksum error and continued with loading windows instead of entering the bios. everything seemed to be fine. i then restarted my system and i got nothing but a blank screen after powering back on. clearing the cmos temporarily fixes the problem every time until i restart. i have tried many things in the bios setup but the screen goes blank every time i go to save and exit. this is getting very irritating and i would be very appreciative of any help.
thanks in advance.
22 views and not one reply. please help me if you know of anything that could be causing this.