Can't fire-up my P III.

Don't ask how to over-clock.

Please, help me
I'm trying to upgrade from Celeron 433 to P III 667 Mhz (667/256/133/1.65V).
My motherboard is Lucky Star 6VA693A slot 1 ver. 2.0 with AMR and sound. Specification says that this board supports P III up to 1 GHz, FSB 133.

I'm using adapter Slot 1 / PGA 370 (manufacturer says that it supports FCPGA CPUs). Adapter is full-automatic-recognition. No jumpers.

Everything should be OK, but my PC stays silent when I'm trying to boot on P III.
RAM memory is PC133 and works perfectly with celeron.

Any sugestions what to do?
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I'd guess your automatic slotket is the problem. I've had good luck with Asus slotkets.

I also count at least 4 separate posts about this same motherboard.

Flash your BIOS at your own risk.