Matsonic MS8137C Version 2.0 Motherboard!!!

Is your memory not fully recognized? (Intel VX chipset Memory recognition)
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:oops: Is there anyone who now anything abaut Matsonic MS8137C Ver. 2.0 Motherboard? I have a problem with my bios. Normal it works at 133 MHz, but should cut be upgrade to 266 MHz frontbus. I have upgraded to
the latest version of bios, but with no result. I work with an AMD Palomino
XP 1700+, witch was detected as 133 x 11, in the original bios my MB was
born with, This Award bios was from 131201.BIN, every two numbers is the date is was released 13/12/01.
So I have downloaded the newest bios 090202.BIN from the date 02/09/02
and it still detect my CPU as 133 x 11. What is the problem, has anyone of this forum a solotion I can use, becuse it should cut detect my CPU as a
266 x 5.5.
I really hope anyone can help me here in this forum. Best regards untill I hear from you.

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FSB for memory is 266 when it is DDR (Dual Data Rate - 2x133). The processor clock is still multiplied from 133.
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