my computer completely locks up

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i have a pcchips model 810lmr motherboard and i am having problems with my computer locking up just about every day. most of the time its when i try to play a game or surf the net. i called a local computer repair shop and asked the same question. the guy i talked to said that it may be that my bios is conflicting with my hardware. he also said it could be my memory or the fact that i am still using the onboard video adapter. this is my cuurnet setup... PCchips 810LMR motherboard, windows 98 second edition, 768 mb ram (16 mb shared with video), 80 gb western digital hard drive with 8mb cache and a 1.2 gHz AMD Duron processor. i'll be honest...i dont know much about computers but when i bought all the parts i made sure an idiot like myself could put it together without any problems...the associate said that i could. when i start my computer for my processor it says that it is an unknown AMD Athlon 1.2 gHz. shouldnt it say Duron?? i also tried updating my bios but i have no idea if i need a new bios chip or it i can just download software to update it. another thing when i go into my cmos under my processor speed it says something like this... a'= and that is it. if anyone can help me out i would be very very happy. thanks.
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It should say Duron - the BIOS is older than the CPU - you need to update it. Download new one and flash it (see the FAQ).
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