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I have a tyan S1854 mobo. It has a MicronPC bios version 2.33(the latest bios updat). I would like to put the bios on it from the TYAN corp. seeing as it is really not a Micron system. When I attempt to update the bios it says that "part numbers do not match......."
I have seen that people say you can ask the program to continue anyway, but I do not see this option. is asks me for correct command interpretter.
do I need to use a differant flash program, or is this just not possible. any suggestions would be super appreiciated.
I want to update do to the fact that the computer does not appear to shut down correctly. it shuts down with out showing the splash screen"windows is shutting down". Then when I try to boot (cold boot) is hangs up on the blue clouds Windows 98 screen. It will only restart after going into safe mode running scanreg then rebooting. it will also restart if I go into cmos, then save and reboot. basiccally it won't cold boot for anything. I have read all the micron site stuff. and install windows 98 shutdown patch. blah I don't know da problem, also I have repalced power supply, tested all the ram, changed CPU, and kicked the case, pushed the monitor on the floor. Nothing seems to help.
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BIOS ID string?
The latest BIOS seems to be:
TYAN S1854 Trinity 400 Rev. 1.07
Patched and tested BIOSes are at http://wims.rainbow-software.org
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