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Hi, I am having trouble getting any info for an update for a Phoenix Bios v4.05. The only other info I have is the date of the BIOS 01/17/97. I have run BIOS agent and it doesn't find a BIOS string. The PC is a DIGITAL Personal Workstation 200i2. The reason for the update is to try and enable the 2 USB ports on the motherboard. I have been told this BIOS is to old to support USB. I have tried the Phoenix site, but couldn't find anything on BIOS Updates, only upgrades. Also DIGITAL was taken over by COMPAQ and i can't find any support for old DIGITAL equipment. Hopefully someone can help me. Thanks. Also on taking out the motherboard the only info i can find is that the Motherboard is made by Digital but there are no codes on it.
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