How to change one thing in BIOS file ?

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Attyla The Hun
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I have partial dead motherboard. Partial because the PS/2 port is dead. So I cannot use a PS/2 Keyboard. But I know that I can plug USB keyboard and work fine ...but: In BIOS Setup I need to change settings "Support USB Keyboard" to Enable (default is Disable).

So, how can I edit BIOS binary file (Tools, methods) and change default setting for the USB keyboard to ENABLED as default.

The motherboard is Shuttle.
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Open the BIOS image using MODBIN, change default settings to Enabled and save. Then you need to flash it and clear CMOS to force it to load default settings.
The PS/2 ports are usually dead because of blown fuse on the board. If the keyboard LEDs do not blink when the board is powered on, the fuse is blown. It's usually near the PS/2 connector, marked F1 or F2.
Patched and tested BIOSes are at
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I have exactly the same problem whit my p6bat ECS mainboard.
When a boot with a keybaord plugged a I get a bios keyboard error. In fact it is like if I have a key down block because le speaker sound like when on let your finger press on one key and the buffer get full.

I had the idee to use a usb keyboard but how to enable the option on the bios without keyboard ????

Attyla did you succes your bios modification ???

I have look on my mainboard on saw 2 fuse named F1 et F2 and the F2 looks to be dead. I try to change it ....

Thx for your help

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