How can I only backup my existing AMIBIOS ?

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Please let me know the detailed steps to backup my existing AMIBIOS. the current ami flash application that I have does not ask me the question of backing up the existing bios.

Any and all help is highly appreciated. Thanks.
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Use Aminfxx /? to get the help - it should show a command line to backup your current Bios
Or use Uniflash
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The help says to use "S"

I have used it with aminf336 /S filname.rom

but it does not work can you help?
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This is a weird thing on Aminf3**.exe that I have saw sometime ago.
From I remember, it don't accept "Aminf336.exe /S:filename.rom" (with ':' character) nor "Aminf336.exe /S filename.rom" (with space)
I remember get it working when doing ONE of theses four:
a) "Aminf336.exe /Sfilename.rom" (with extension);
b) "Aminf336.exe /Sfilename" (without extension);
c) "Aminf336.exe /S filename" (using a space, but without extension);
d) "Aminf336.exe /S:filename" (using a ':', but without extension);
You can also try use the save switcher at lower case as '/s' (istead '/s') to do this thing save the BIOS. I would like to check it by myself and give the correct one, if I could (can't do while running O.S.).

Be carefull if you go for try use "dedicated programs for BIOS saving", due the fact of some of theses simply don't work - because they simply save a partial BIOS copy, copied from BIOS Shadow RAM area or other place even - athought it does not happen on flasher's as AMIflash & AWDflash, and also Uniflash.

BTW, if you like try a better program, try Uniflash:
Other program is Ct'flash, athought I not readed comments about that, nor know what is it. Some links about Ct'flash by Google: ... de+ctflash
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