Giga Byte GA 7VKMLS _ motherboard has died

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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Hi I have just been trying to build a second system with a Giga Byte GA 7VKMLS motherboard.

During the build I kept it on the bench with the Motherboard Out Had the system working perfectly with a 1.2 AMD Duron Processor & 128 MB of RAM.

Dismantled it so as to build it into the case.

Now all that happens is the only sign of life is the processor fan spining, I can't see any normall POST signs.

Can anyone HELP

Many Thanks
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Assuming you did mount it on plastic pillars so you're not short-ciruiting something somewhere...check that the one screw pillar somewhere around the keyboard area isn't shorting anything:

Best bet is to unplug everything back to a minimum system of PSU, CPU, cooling FAN, RAM and video (when you were running it on the bench, did you need any front-panel leads plugged in to start it ?) If that runs, start adding things one at a time. You could even unplug the RAM and plug in the speaker - you should get beeps if the RAM is missing but the CPU runs.

If it doesn't run, take it out of the box and test it on the bench again. If that now doesn't work, it's time to check things by swapping if poss.
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