New BIOS but windows 2k does not start

BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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Again...something doesn't make sense.

Setting the HD jumber to 32GB locks the drive to 32GB only, so you couldn't have made an 8 and a 32GB partition on it...would have to be a sum total of 32GB, wasting the extra 8 GB.

Setting Master/Slave is a different jumper altogether, for setting the positioning of the drive on the System (Primary or Secondary PCI IDE Channel).

Perhaps you mis-interpreted your jumper table, and by luck, set the jumper that was causing your system not to find the drive properly and hang.

Please get your jumpers straight, and reply again.
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It's possible to use the 8GB for W2K installation and then create the 32GB partition within W2K after installation
It might be enough to remove the 32GB partition including the extended partition used for it and reboot the system without the 32GB limit clip to re-create the 32GB
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I am not sure how but that is how it is. The jumper is still on the 32Gb limit and I have the full capacity of 40 Gb I two partitions 8 + 32.

What the point is that after I installed windows on the 030699s.bin version of the bios from PCChips, the hard drive was not recognised as master/primary but after updating the bios to the 03069r.bin from this site, the harddrive is recognised when the jumper is set to master/primary but windows 2000 does not start.

any help with that?
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Denniss - Could you elaborate on that? I didn't get what you were trying to say. I have a new copy of Win2000 that I was going to install soon, and I really don't know much about it...yet ;-)

Were you saying he created an 8GB partition, then "overlayed" it with a 32GB one? That's how I read your response...

Just for sanity here, can someone familliar with the two BIOS versions stivx has used, write down what the differences are between them?

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