Building DMI Pool .

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Hi folks,

I have a BIOS problem. How can see it in the title, it concerns the message "Building DMI pool", which appears at the end boot procedure after the listing of the PCI components. To it goes nothing at all more and one must the computer off/on switch on around a new boots to force. A "M7VKB"-Board von BioStar in the revision 1.1 with a Award BIOS concerns. I made ready a "RESET Configuration DATA" and a CMOS RESET without success. For a tip I would be very grateful.


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OK...more info required here.

Please say what was happening before the message came about...BIOS upgrade, new component added, just turned it on and it was there...etc...

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Disconnect the Harddisk, delete it in CMOS-setup and try again!

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