BIOS Update & Recovery Failiure

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My machine type is IBM Netvista 6842-60J. This is a japanese machine.

I have tried to update the BIOS of my computer. I did this because I replaced my exsisting motherboard with a new one. Then , when it boots it gives this error message,

167 processor bios update not found.
So, I downloaded the BIOS update from the IBM site and updated the BIOS. Actually I didn't update it, rather I replaced a newer version of the BIOS with an older one. Anyway...after the updation the computer won't work. It won't boot. It stops at POST. No Display. ( The fans , the HDD seem to be working ......)

So I tried to recover the BIOS. But, there again I get these error messages.
Initially it says that the Keyboard is locked , THen,

System security - keyboard is unlocked
186 security hardware control logic error
your system is now locked.
Turn power to your system OFF and then ON.

What should I do ?. When I turn the power off and then on, the same result. Thank you in advance.
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