Swap BIOS chip for HP Pavilion 3120

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Greetings !! I hope you can enlighten me about replacing BIOS. I have a HP 3120 computer that has emits a beep (1-2-2-3 beeps) which equates to problem with the BIOS ROM or motherboard problem. When I turn on the computer all I get are the beep error and nothing comes out from my monitor. I removed the BIOS chip and replaced it with another BIOS chip from an old busted motherboard and it worked but I noticed that it could not detect the CD-Rom / Floppy Disk and although it found the hard disk model, the computer could not boot to Windows. Is it possible to Flash the working BIOS chip with the software from HP Pavilion 3100 which can be downloaded from the HP website. If you have any suggestions, I would gladly appreciate it.. Thank you in advance
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Really, this is a "My motherboard is dead" problem and the relevant FAQs on the main Wimsbio.com board are a good starting point. Check the recovery techniques mentioned. Another idea - do you have an old HDD on which you could put DOS and the BIOS file and flasher ?

If you have access to another motherboard which will accept the good chip, you may be able to hot-swap flash.

Alternatively, someone with an EEPROM programmer (college, electronics repair shop) should be able to help if you can provide them with the BIOS file - or you could buy a replacement from somewhere like www.badflash.com.
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