Is my bios the problem?

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Hi I just got an asus a7n8x delux to replace a 6 mnth old leadtek k7ncr-18 pro because the capaciters failed. The asus board was unstable using the kingston 2700 ddr even when set below its rated speed. After trying a number of things I finally managed to get the board to pass memtest #8 at 133 fsb and flashing to the prev bios. Once I got it stable I went back to the bios an d started pushing things back up, and on one of these attemps I things set between 133 and 166 which was unusable and then while I was in the bios to fix the setting. I know now it was stupid but rather than getting in setting something a bit more in spec and getting out I was poking around and changing other things and when went to save the changes the bios locked up at the confirmation. Upon reboot nothing no vid no beep the led on the board is lit and the keyboard leds blink when powered up from a cold (ac off/on) but the keyboard doesnt blink when I hit reset. Drives spin up on reset. I already sent for a new cmos chip but I am concerned somthing else could be the problem from the description would you suspectr the bios was corrupted?
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Some nForce 2 boards (like Abit NF7) had major problems when saving settings BIOS, resulting in BIOS corruption. It's fixed in newer BIOSes. Don't know about these Asus boards.
Patched and tested BIOSes are at
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