Award Flash gone right? / Wrong?

Discusses BIOS flashers and utilities from Award, AMI and Uniflash
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I tried flashing my bios the other day and it went through fine.. But when I restart the computer I hear a continous beep. I can cut the computer back off and the thing still beeps at me. The flash went through fine (no errors) but I guess it wasnt the right one.. I have award bios and flashed it with Kada2ba5.bin I guess what I am asking is there a way to clear the chip and start over. or did I end up owning my cpu :(
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Lots of possibilities (maybe you flashed the wrong BIOS), but the basic problem is you now have a dead motherboard. Check the FAQs on the main site for "My motherboard is dead", but if you have nothing on the screen you are probably looking at either the hot-flash recovery technique, or a replacement BIOS from or the mobo manufacturer.
You told us what file you used but not what your motherboard was....
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