secret ami bios feature slows HDD down

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Hi @ all,

I am posting here, cuz meanwhile I am really desperate. I got a Gigybyte 7ZX mainboard with VIA KT133 chipset. And my problem is:
The installed Bios (newest version in order to support my new HDD and CPU) doesn't allow me to enable the "32 bit mode for HDD". The last option I can choose is "LBA Mode ON/OFF". I already tried to contact ami, but they say it's the mainboard manufacturer's fault. And as you can imagine, Gigabyte doesn't answer to that.
So I tried to work it out on my own with AmiSetup and TweakBios etc. But either my Bios version is not supported or there is something else that does not work with my chipset.
Finally, I can't enable that "hidden" feature to increase my HDD performance.
It would be great if anyone here could help me with that.
Thanks in advance.


P.S.: If you need more information to help me, this is my bios version:

American Megatrends
VIA 82C305 rev 2
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How do you know 32-bit mode is disabled? And what is the problem with your HDD, exactly?
Flash your BIOS at your own risk.
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32 bit mode is disabled, because the boot-screen says so. but the bigger problem is (I think) that my hdd is not recognized as a UDMA 66 hdd, but my board supports that mode and the wire is comatible. I don't know how to change the UDMA mode, because my Bios doesn't have an option for changing it.
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