Winco W-P55VT2 rev. D manual and tips please

Request help finding jumper settings or a motherboard manual.
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Hi folks.

This is my 1st post here and 1st of all a very hearthy >Thanks< to all of you who are willing to help me.

My board that i got from a friend is from Winco, a firm that seems to have ceased existence.

BIOS says:

04/02/1997 W-P55VT2 REV D (right under the under the Award Copyright notice on TOP)


at bottom of the screen

Since i already searched through the forum i know that someone else has had the same problem already but since this was already some time ago and links are no longer working on these posts i need help now on this old board again.

And yes, i noticed there were versions with different SuperI/O chips from SMC and UMC
I definitively have an UMC SuperI/O

So please help me with the manual since i haven't found/googled out more info on this board yet.
Also there seems to be false info printed on the board itself since there is a print about BF0 and BF1 jumper for setting up the multiplier but actually there are no such jumpers labeled this way.
So help me setting up this baby with a new CPU exchanging the current Pentium 133 with a Pentium 166 MMX (at least, even better if i find a guy who sells me one for less than 5 Euro) and also give me info if there are more current BIOSes available somewhere and if those support HDDs over 32GB.

Thanks in advance.
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Well, there are still BIOSes around at, such as: ... vt0514.bin
05/14/97 W-P55VT2 REV.D

which is fractionally newer than yours; it appears to be patchable for HDD >32GB. Would you like to try a patched version ?
Re: the manual, there is a small Winco archive at mobokive which has jumper settings for W-P55VT2 A/C, (the .jpe file will open in IE) but for all else you are referred to Epox. The Epox archive does not have a specific reference to P55VT2
There's a picture at
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Thanks, NickS.
Seems like you saved my day.
I should have tried before, i know now.
MoBoKive even helped better by supplying valueable info about jumper configuration w/ my motherboard. Interestingly according to them it was already jumpered for dual power at 3.3V. Dunno why the old Pentium 133 should have ever needed Dual Voltage Supply but it did work.
So my Jumpers are now set according to MoBoKive:
JP1: 1-2 & 3-4 CLOSED (for Pentium 166 2,5x)
JV1: 1-2 & 3-4 CLOSED (for Dual Voltage enabling)
JV2: 1-2 & 3-4 OPEN (dito)
JPW1: 1-2 & 3-4 OPEN, 5-6 CLOSED (for 2.8V), 7-8 OPEN

This setup made the board boot. Since i have something to do at the university i'll be back w/ more findings later on today.

Now, that i'm back from the university i had another look at my Winco motherboard...
What for are those JL1 to JL3 jumpers, also what is JC1 for, and, if this board is SD-RAM capable, how do i set up JDIMM1 ?

JBAT1 and JROM1 jumper are selfexplanatory, but those i mentioned above i would like to get info what they are good for...

A note to Edwin
Do you have have complete manual?
If yes, please mail it to me.
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