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hi m8^^

whenever i change the sequence of the floppy/cdrom and i try to boot up my computer, it says this:

Boot from CD : None
Boot from CD : _

it seems to not work after i change the order of the cdrom/floppy.

since that didn't work, i also tried starting it up with the boot discs. i put in the discs according to what the screen tells me to do, and it goes according to plan until the 5th disc (5th out of 6). on that 5th disc, it says "Please wait..." at the bottom for about 10-15 seconds and finally it says there's an error in "cdrom.sys". it then asks me to press [enter] to exit and then [enter] again to reboot my computer. someone please help me with this problem :!:

(please answer both of them if possible)
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