Hacking CD-R/RW-ROM firmware

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I just wnat to know what to look for when trying to hack firmware of the CD-R/RW/ROM...

My Yamaha CRW4416E was suspicious to me... It had 16X reading on the half of the media, so it could go to 24X at the end of the drive... But, it is limited to 16X... Now, there must be a way to unlock this speed...

Is there any way that I turn the CLV drive to CAV drive via modifying firmware that controls the electronics?

Is there any way of hacking the firmware at all?
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Start here http://www.cdrwcentral.com or here http://www.burningissues.net/home.htm or here http://www.burnworld.com/

No I don't think you can change CLV to CAV as it CLV has a vaiable speed spindle and the CAV has a fix speed spindle. Nore ihttp://www.pcguide.com/ref/cd/perfRated-c.htmlnfo here
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