ram not recognized properly (256 out of 512)

Is your memory not fully recognized? (Intel VX chipset Memory recognition)
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hey all i have a p3 1.13 on an intel "d815egew" mother board and have a 512mb ram stick wich is pc100 but the mother board reads it as 256mb :( ??? i dont know how to change this ?? i checked my bios and is sais that the fsb speed is 133, and i can't change that via my bios. if i change the fsb speed to 100 will it work ?? the max ram the board can take is 512mb.

another problem i have is my internet (on win xp) ramdomly cuts of and on, only for seconds at a time.. ?? i am using a cable modem and a lan network. scanned for viruses and nothing, adware,spyware ect. i've read heaps on articled where you guys have helped people out, please help me.

thanx in advnace
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Your motherboard states soporting 512 MB. Maybe, you must install two DIMMs (2x256 MB) because your mobo doesn´t suppot 512 MB in single DIMM.
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The board should suport a 512MB double-sided DIMM.
http://support.intel.com/support/mother ... 013165.htm
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