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seeing as I posted this and did not make much sense with it I thought I could tidy it up a wee bit .

I posted : what is IR for on the PH5 v1.4 board ?

well I was asking about the IR pins on the motherboard and I guess now they are for a jumper to set the InfaRed capability of the motherboard .
How I don't care because I will not use it but it seemed a little odd to see InfaRed technology from 199? . I thought it was a much more modern invention . Come to think about it , that is modern .
thankyou for space , I'll try to remember to fork out a few dollars when I stop spending too much money on this computer .
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Infrared is used on remote control for television sets from the 1980s and onwards. IR is not for setting the InfraRed, it's for connecting an IR-port thingy. I haven't seen any yet. I do know they exist.

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