siemens d1107 and imi sg577dyb

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I'm the owner of a siemens d1107 motherboard. And I want to know if it's possible to overclock this machine. The problem is that siemens does not support speeds above 800MHz on this motherboard. But I was googeling for the PLL on the board, sg577dyb and saw that people on this forum were doing wonders with this chip right HERE and this persion HERE is also referring to this forum. So now I'm here and I wondering if a bright mind could help me too :)

The fsb and cpu speed on the motherboard is decided by four jumpers, who are probably connected to the sg577dyb.

They give the following results:

66 MHz FSB:
switch 5 switch 6 switch 7 switch 8
233 MHz off off on on
266 on on off on
300 off on off on
333 on off off on
366 off off off on
400 on on on off
433 off on on off

100 MHz FSB:
switch 5 switch 6 switch 7 switch 8
350 MHz off off on on
400 on on off on
450 off on off on
500 on off off on
550 off off off on
600 on on on off
650 off on on off
700 on off on off
750 off off on off
800 on on off off

I'm not really sure how you switch between 100/66 MHz FSB, and as you can see the jumpersettings are the same for 100 and 66 MHz.

What would be really great had been to know what to put the jumpers on to achive 850, 900 and so on.. So I hope somebody with a bright mind will be able to see a pattern. There is also a switch 4 who is "reserved for manufacturer", I don't know if that is for the cpuspeed too.

HERE is a link to the manual too.
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Overclocking as such isn't a topic for discussion in this forum.

Anyway, those multipliers are only for multiplier-free processors, which I really doubt you have. Regardless of what the multpliers are set to, your processor will work at its designed speed, unless perhaps you have a mobile version of the processor.

i.e. a P3-1000 (10x100) will work at 1000MHz even if you set the multiplier to 4x, 7x, 5.5x, etc.
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