SST39VF010 in VIA VT8237

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I hot swaped my current bios on an ASUS A7V600-X (VT8237) mainboard (original bios chip PMC Pm49FL002 FWH/LPC) with an SST39VF010 LPC I think.
I used uniflash 1.40 with no success.
The SST wasn't recognized by uniflash so I forced it but nothing. I also tried -ASUS , nothing.

Any clue if I can write the SST with this mainboard?
Any clue if I can with another mainboard that I have, it has the VIA VT8235 and the BIOS chip is an Amic A290021TL LPC I think.

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Did you get your BIOS working again?

I have also used Uniflash 1.40. The last thing I was trying to hotswap was a notebook BIOS. Uniflash did recognize the chip but was unable to write to it properly. I also had the flash utility provided by the notebook manufacturer but it would only work in the notebook and not in my PC.

Sometimes Uniflash works and sometimes it doesn't, that's just how it is.

Sometimes using an older motherboard works. Have you checked the list of chips supported by Uniflash?
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