Which BIOSmodule contains PCIHost Bridge configurationspace?

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zhang yunhong
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hello all,
i want to assign irq resource(irq10) to my device(ISA device) on board.
but PCI device use this irq10 in the PCI host bridge configuration space . pci host bridge integrated 8259 interrupt controller assign irq10 to

next step : i need to look for PCI host bridge configuration space in BIOS module and modify. i think that the it is in an BIOS module such as PCI ROM..

Where are the PCI host bridge configuration space ?How to look for the
configurate code and Which tool to use?
welcome more suggestions.

BIOS module( use CBROM 1.30):

system Bios: original.tmp
XGROUP code: awardext.rom
EPA LOGO : gxivideo.205
VSA driver: gxm55304.317 ( PCI bridge)
PCI ROM : ncr40.bin

Decompress block and Boot Block: R00fa000.dec , R00fe000.dec.

Thanks in advance
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