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I own an Lg GSA2164d usb and a Ahtec Laptop with usb 1.1

The problem is that my cd rom is damaged and I wanna format my hard drive and install windows. But the thing is that my USB cd device is not recognised outside windows...

How can I solve do to instal windws with an external usb device?

In windows when I run the instalation cd ( Win XP Pro) I have two options

- Actualize (recomended)

- Instal Windows

In case I can´t format my HD, could I have problems if I choose the "Actualize (recomended)"?

I know this is not the correct forum for this subject but may be someone could tell me where to ask

Thanks, Rouch.
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can be done if you fit the harddisk in another system, make two partitions, one for windows, one for the entire install CD (reachable from boot floppy drive). Put it back in the laptop, boot from the floppy and start installing windows from the second partition in DOS-mode.

The biggest issue I think is if you don't have a working floppy drive either, I suspect that lappy does NOT boot from the USB drive?

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