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Hopefully I haven't already suggested this one before.

Basically the color scheme used in the forum pages I have no problem with except for the main scroll bar for the page on the right on the browser window.

I find this scroll bar looks very similar to it's surrounding colors and I often fail to distinguish the drag bar from the rest of the scroll area, meaning I accidentally click on the wrong part of the scroll bar when I wish to scroll and thus end up on the wrong position on the page.

Next site edit maybe it could be considered to use default colors in this area, or to choose a color scheme that is easier to work with.
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True, making it darker wouldn't be such a bad idea.
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nice idea. But remember you will have to edit 2 files to make the change happen (if this is a stock phpBB forum).

The first part of the overall_header.tpl file contains CSS code and that will have to be edited. Also the subSilver.css file will need to be edited.

One thing that could be done to simplify things later on too. Wipe out the CSS code from the overall_header.tpl file so when you go in to make future changes you will only have the one file to deal with instead of both.
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Any suggestions for a nice phpBB style mod ?

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