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I have Intel d850gb with 423 to 478 socket converter for 1.7 G celeron. Intel site says front panel connector id 2nd multi pin connector to right of cmos battery (pci slots are up, ram slots are right) 16 pins ordered left to right in pairs 1)hd pwr 2)hdr blnk green 3)hd active 4)hdr blnk yellow 5)ground 6)power switch 7)reset 8)ground 9)5v 10)nothing 11)reserved 12)ground 13)ground 14)nothing 15)reserved 16)out power.

This board seems nearly identical to QDI platinix4 and has 850 chipset 82850 memory hub 82801ba I/O controller hub 2. Only visual differences . . . front panel connector location/pin out. On board sound and game with back panel ports (game missing on 850). Vertical not horizontal orientation of sound ports on 850.

QDI worked with socket converter, 1.7 Celeron, and pc800 toshiba (2x64M) with pc600 samsung (2x128M). Intel site suggest ram configuration fine.

The vendor I got 850 from says my ram/cpu combo not compatible with d850. The board does nothing (not a sound, no warmth, power supply fan does not even grrrrr)

As both board have same chipset, ide controllers, usb hubs, and memory controllers, I doubt his claim.

Are there any jumpers to set other than J8C2 cmos to normal 1+2. Is the front panel pin out 6+8 to power button and reset button to 5+7 correct?
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