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I didnt know where to put this so i'll put it here
PLEASE if you can help it would be greatly appreciated

I have a power button, the one that turns on my PC and the wires, a red and black one, have broken off of it, (thanks to someone's cat) so I can show what the back of the button panel looks like

|0 0 0|
|{} |
|0 0 0|

the three zeroes are metal nodes that are attached to the back
the {} is an opening with what appears to be another node sunk into the button if someone can tell me what to do with the two wires, where to connect them i would greatly appreciate it. I tried connecting the red wire to the top middle node and the black one to the top right node and the PC turned on, for twenty seconds, then turned back off... PLEASE I NEED HELP!
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