SIS M760 Bios patch request for Amilo 1645 Laptop

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I have got a Siemens Amilo A1645 Laptop with one of these horrible SiS M760 VGA Chipsets. It does 1280x800 on its lcd alright but no bios update or driver was able to make it use two screens at once correctly. ive got the univga3 driver installed and the vbios version 2.23.B2.

When i plug my TFT screen into the analog video out it isnt capable of running 1280x800 on its LCD (seems stuck at 1024x768) and the attached external screen is also only displaying 1024x768. Higher resolutions only lead to some kind of mouse activated border-scrolling function.

My Questions:
- Is there a way to patch my bios to use other resolutions on external screens?
- Or is there a way to update my video bios which is stuck at 2.23.B2 (the regular bios update didnt affect this)?

I would be grateful for any help offered

the bios im using (1.05c) is availible as an EXE file under ... LO%20A1645
(check the box, then click download)

other, strange versions (iso, disk image) under ... adID=50570
(choose windows xp)

im sorry that there isnt a direct link to post. i can upload one of these bios files to a direct location if someone tells me which version to take for this.
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being blessed with a ten second patience i searched the forums again and this time found information on how to mod the rom myself.

a direct link to my current bios (extracted from the disk image) is

after opening the file with MMTool 3.19 i am presented with the problem that i am unable to identify the ID of the video bios. it could be "display manager" but i wouldnt want to take chances with a rom so i would like to ask if anyone knows which ID to replace. in other news no part of this bios has a remotely similiar size to the vbios i was going to use.

the video bios i was planning to include is the
SIS 66x/741/76x (aka Mirage2/Ultra256/Xabre 660/330/6330) v2.49.00 w/o 30x companion support

i hope that one will fit my GPU chip
the SiS tool states its a "SiS 760_760GX_M760_M760GX"
sounds like it cant make up its mind
Everest calls it a "SiS 330 Integrated"

oh and no, im not gonna blow it up until someone gives me a hint or even a patched bios :)
so consider the machine "not toasted yet"
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...and if you would have had another ten second patience you would have found out that the video bios should contain support for a companion chip. this little chip makes the LCD on your laptop work. currently there is no video bios available that supports the companion chip and widescreen resolutions at the same time. so you either go with widescreen on the external device and no LCD at all OR the LCD and no widescreen on the external device.

this all only applies to Windows because the SIS drivers really stink. with Linux you can have it all despite any video bios versions.
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oh dear

yeah i had stumbled upon that information and hoped there was something new maybe. but the world of SiS seems to be stuck in 1980 or something :P
do they still manufacture stuff? who buys those things...

but thank you for the information! i will try to see if i can put the whole thing into linux.

oh and just out of interest. would it have been the ID of "display manager"? or would i have toasted it ^^
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