exact chip type for BIOS Savior ?

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I can't read the lettering on the socketed PLCC flash chip because it is blacked out with a permanent marker. Someone told me they do that often during assembly to indicate the chip is programmed. I downloaded UniFlash.exe here at Wim's and it says the chip is:

PMC Pm49FL004 / 3.3v (LPC/FWH)
sectored: 128x4k (512k)

I want to install BIOS Savior on this PC. The Savior site lists a chip with very similar number as follows:


Notice the final T which is not on my chip. Does any one here know if there is an actual difference between the two that matters for using BIOS Savior ?

TIA. Bill S.
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The "T" in the part number designates the "Boot Block Location", in this case "Top Boot Block".

That appears to be the only option, ie there appears to be no mention of a boot block at any other location.

- Pm49FL002: 16 Kbyte top Boot Block
- Pm49FL004: 64 Kbyte top Boot Block

This is the datasheet:
http://www.chingistek.com/resource_cent ... 20V1.8.pdf
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