Integration of Sil3132 bios into system bios (f3svas.208)

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I am not a bios guru and would appreciate any help.

I am looking for a way to integrate the bios that controls the sil3132 chipset on an add-on card that has no flash. The chipset is an sata controller. The files that contain the bios for the chipset can be found at this location: ... d=2&osid=0
There is even a special file intended for integration into system bios (I quote: "The ####.bin is an abbreviated BIOS intended for integration into system BIOS. Do NOT flash system BIOS into an add-in card BIOS.").

The target bios is an award bios of an ASUS F3S notebook. (filename: f3svas.208 -

How to integrate those two?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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