HP Vectra VE C/xxx Series 7 BIOS modification problem

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This system has an FIC VL609 Motherboard with AMIBIOS (which I believe to belong to AMIBIOS v7 core).

The BIOS can be downloaded in this page.

I've tried the following versions of the AMIBCP to change the default BIOS setup values but all of the resulting BIOS cannot boot :-(.

- AMIBCP 6.24T (cannot open the original BIOS file at all)
- AMIBCP 6.21 (cannot open the original BIOS file at all)
- AMIBCP 7.01.01
- AMIBCP 7 Beta 11
- AMIBCP 7 Beta 12
- AMIBCP 7.51.00
- AMIBCP 7.51.03
- AMIBCP 7.60.04

Mind you that I run all of the utilities under pure DOS.

Another thing is AMIBCP version 7.xx can not open an already saved (modified) BIOS unless the AMIBCP version 7.xx terminates first and started again afterwards. If I try to open an already modified BIOS it would complain that the modified BIOS is an invalid BIOS file.

Does anyone has an experience modifying this BIOS?

Or do you have any suggestion(s)?


a.k.a Pinczakko
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