Advanced submenu not available in Uniflash

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I have PCI IDE controller card based on IT8121F chip. Card has also STT39SF010 flash chip on it so i think it should be reprogrammable... Here is my problem: I have tried to change RAID bios to ATAPI bios using ITEFLASH version 2.02. Program is freezing when making backup. It makes zero sized file on disk and progress bar is not moving.

I downloaded Uniflash 1.40 and used it with -pcirom option. Program finds right card at location 0 9 0 and also recognises flash chip. I am able to save backup (size is same with new flash) but when i select "flash with bootblock" i get "Wrong file size" error... I'm not able to select "advanced submenu" because it's "grayed out". Any ideas?
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