SiS 651M rev 2.0 problem

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Ok, my girlfriend bought a Samsumg Sync Master 632 nw plus
She has a SiS 651M rev 2.0

When she first used the monitor, everything was screwed up, even in the right resolution. So I told her to update her video card. I gave her the UniVGA 3.3 link, she downloaded, installed, and restarted her computer. The next time she log on, everything still was screwed, but this time, in a lesser resolution (1024 x 768)
So I saw that I had to update the bios and everything.
I'm a bit of a tech savvy, but not enough to updated BIOS or anything like that. I researched and everything, but found out that was too hard for me to try, and with the fact that her computer was not mine, I couldnt risk to damage forever her motherboard. So I explained the situation for her, and she asked me "what can we do?"
I told her that probably by buying a new video card, everything ought to be resolved.
So, I want to know, there is by any way the risk of buying a new video card, and we still can't put the right resolution for the monitor? Because I don't want to spend her money in something useless. And if there is the chance, someone can explain to me how the hell I can update her bios or at least solve the problem without having to take too may risks?



(sorry for me grammar errors, I'm brazilian)

edit: I don't know if I was clear enough, but I can't put the resolution above 1024 x 768 since I installed the univga drivers)
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please post the BIOS ID string so that we can properly identify the mainboard. with a patched motherboard bios (patched means we replace the video bios with a newer one) you can use widescreen resolutions.
don't forget to read the sticky thread in this section for more information and a step by step solution on SIS and widescreen.
If you email me include [WIMSBIOS] in the subject.
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