QDI BrillianX B1S Fullscreen Logo

Discusses BIOS flashers and utilities from Award, AMI and Uniflash
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Said mainboard has a fullscreen logo I'd like to change. The internal filename is QDI2.BMP, although I can't get any image viewer/editor nor tools like EPACoder to recognize its format.

My guess is that it's a RAW, headerless BMP.

Download the file here (right-click, save as): http://oerg866.randomsonicnet.org/QDI2.bmp

Any ideas?


EDIT: QDI's AWARDS Page states:

99.07 Legend QDI's BrillianX IS mainboard was awarded the "Technical Excellence" from CCW (Canadian Computer Wholesaler) magazine in July 1999, Vol.5. It states, "With all the 'Easy' utilities included with the board, it becomes a snap to set up and use. The ability to use the LogoEasy utility to flash a logo or image onto the screen can also be a valuable business resource -- or just plain fun."
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So, see if you can edit the thing with LogoEasy or convert regular bitmaps into something that flashes into a QDI bios then.

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