Unified SiS XP/2K 32bit driver

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This is my attempt to create a unified UVGA driver package for all SiS integrated chipsets. The package is based on the logo'd SiS UVGA 3.91 driver. All binary files are left unchanged. Only the device IDs in the installation file were adjusted. It installs on every SiS chipset with integrated VGA and standalone cards from the following families :
- SIS 65x
- SIS 74x
- SIS 67x
- SIS 76x
- SiS 315 / 315E / 315PRO (PCI and AGP versions)
- SiS Xabre (PCI and AGP versions)

It also works on all mobile (notebook) chipsets without limitation.
Currently i only modified the .inf files of the Windows XP/2000 driver but there are versions for Windows XP-64 and Windows 98/ME, too.

If you are willing to test the new driver just write me a PM and i'll send the link. Please keep in mind that i couldn't test the driver. So keep a backup of your current driver to reinstall it in case something goes wrong.
If you email me include [WIMSBIOS] in the subject.