Azza KT-133-TX doesn't recognize my 1.33 Ghz AMD T-bird.

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:( I need help getting a New BIOS maybe?
I have never did this, and I am very confused by azza's bios update webpage. I really want to get this Motherboard to recognize my new CPU cause I don't wanna buy a new board...
my computer is good, but I want just a slight tweak in speed.
but when I swap the old chip out (a 950 Mhz athelon Tbird) then put the new one in, nothing happens when I try to power it up.
the hard drive and such are doing thier thing, but nothing comes on to the monitor.
I have heard a number of possible problems with this, such as windows has drivers for specific (windows XP pro) processors that it installs as you install the system.
the BIOS update thing...
the Bios update is the one that sounds the most promising.

can anyone help me get the Right bios update?
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Does your present BIOS ID contain 6A6LMP8A ? What date is it ? Is there a revision number printed on the motherboard, like "V1.1" ?

The best guess I could find at the BIOS download page was at Download this zip file and read VERY CAREFULLY the readme.txt file to see if this is the right BIOS.

Are you sure your PSU can support the extra power drawn by the 1.33 GHz T-Bird ?
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