award force bios remote via serial or usb or other pc

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please help me

my motherbord "ga-m56s s3" canot boot black bios to the display :?

gigabyte mother bord Will not start 8O
only "active power fan and cpu fan and hard disk " and 1 beep and display Wink standby :cry:

how can remote mobo fail"ga-m56s s3 " to refresh or recovery bios Do with other computer by usb or serial or ide or com port or other port standard :!: :?:

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Check the capacitors near the CPU, most likely the top is not perfectly flat, they need replacement. See for more info as this board has been reported for having bad capacitors. They are from a good brand (United ChemiCon) but a low-tempgrade series so used in the wrong location. Reason: cutting costs, this is a low-end board after all.

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