Microcode for PIII-S 1.4GHz please?

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I have the same board (just got it as a trade last night), but am trying to decide on a good pair of processors. The 1.45v mod is a neat idea, but I am concerned about the current draw. I ran into this problem with Powerleap adapters when I was running Tualies in my old 440BX rigs. The MOSFETS would get hot enough to burn, and they did. How are the MOSFETS on your board holding up while its running? My rig has a WIN-300PS PSU, and its held up well so far, but I have not been able to do much with it yet. I am stoked about this board, but I want to take better care of it and make it last a little longer than my first dual-socket setup (Abit BP6). Would you mind posting pics of that mod too? Thanks
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Can't believe it's been 3 years. I tend to forget about anything that doesn't email notifications to me... My dual Tualatin still runs, i found a Hipro PSU that i fixed, and it's been a perfect match since. *Still* haven't gotten that HD4670 AGP i've wanted to get to max that rig out tho.

I've built up quite some experience too, and i now fix stuff on a daily basis, and it earns me enough to not depend on my family at all. :D I'm quite sure i'll be able to make a living out of servicing electronics.

The MOSFETs on my board are running at a reasonable temperature. The only thing that happens is that if i haven't been using that computer for a week or more, i'll have to pull all the RAM and reinstall it, and sometimes all the PCI cards as well. That happened with my previous dual-PIII boards as well, so i think it's just due to the age of the slots. I may try some contact cleaner spray sometime.
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