universal bios backup toolkit & willem programmer

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Godd morning

I have 2 computers ( exactly the same) one of them works fine ,but the other doesnt boot ,Just Shows " Award boot Block v1.0"
My idea is write a new chip with the content of the one that works fine ( chips are soldered without socket)

I would like to know if it is posssible to flash a BIOS chip with tha data downloaded with Universal bios backup tool
The idea is write in a new chip the data with a Willem programmer
But the problem is :the file created by Univ bios backup toolkit is a .rom file ,and my willem needs a .hex or a .bin file to work with

What can I do? did you haev any experience with this method ?

Thank you so much in advance
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Are you sure the chips in question are supported by the Willem? As for the file extension that doesn't matter much. As long as you tell Willem it is a .bin file you should be fine normally. What board is it (make/model)?

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