App that can save/extract Insyde Bios from motherboard

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Am uncertain if my computer (which uses Insyde Bios - Acer Aspire v3-471 and a Acer Aspire V4755G - 4 MONTHS old only/bought it 4 months ago)
does update its ENTIRE bios or only PART of the bios - or maybe doesn't update the bios at all except for the Bios version number.

Am needing an app that can save/extract the Bios from the motherboard down to the usb stick or HDD so I can manually compare if the flashed Bios image is the same as the extracted/saved Bios.

What app can do so?

I prefer something compativle with windows 7, if possible, but if DOS is the only viable solution then I guess I could do so (I do have a Boot DOS CD with FREEDOS).

Kindly advise.

If you are **very** experienced with flashing and EXTRACTING Insyde BIOS images - and are able to help me over Skype/teamviewer - then I could pay $60 for your help thru paypal.

Skype ID is: [ Removed ] (without the 3 "..." in between 2 times - just 1 word - profile says I am located in Uzbekistan in the profile but I do live in Germany).


Edit - Removed the OP's Skype ID. KW
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If you run the bios update tool as Administrator (per the instructions) it rewrites the bios. What makes you think it is not updating properly?

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