incompatibility b/w old motherboard and new graphics card

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hi edwin, i got too happy too soon. the buttery smoothness is only at some occasions in the very old games around 1999-2001. after the nvidia control panel setting change, the jerkiness has only reduced in comparison to my earlier worst gaming experience. the improvement was probably due to vsnyc and triple buffering. however there is no increase in fps as i wrongly deduced

the frame rates in the old/ancient games are still very low (below 30/20 fps). in deus ex, only around 10. i have tried the fixes mentioned in website. the new direct3d9 and opengl renderers improves the playability only at some points of the game and not at all smooth everywhere. for example, the opening scene fps is around 10-12 fps and increases to 17 fps if i switch off the lighting completely(looks ugly).

i have attached the system configuration details, performance bench results & 3dMark01 scores comparison both after and before tweaks.

Comparison before and after tweaks
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This is with chipset tweaks, vga shared memory disable, memory burst refresh, 4 way memory interleaving etc.
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This is after i modded the bios to automatically the nvidia graphics card, with default bios settings.
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