QDI KinetiZ E7

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I have the following motherboard: QDI KinetiZ E7 2.0 (s2, 3)
Nothing more turning on the computer displays this information:
K7V8363 Kinetiz 7B / E BIOS V4.0LCP Mar.07, 2003

From here download the manual.
http://web.archive.org/web/200805270912 ... nual_e.htm

update the BIOS a year ago, 03/07/2003-8363-686B-6A6LMQ19C-00 version. I do not remember where lower the BIOS, the computer works fine. I would like to make sure that the BIOS is appropriate for that motherboard. If someone can verify.

QDI K7V8363 KinetiZ 7T 7B 7E VIA 8363-686A 6A6LMQ11 01/06/2004-8363-686A-6A6LMQ19C-00
QDI K7V8363 KinetiZ 7T 7B 7E VIA 8363-686A 6A6LMQ19 11/11/2000-8363-686A-6A6LMQ19C
These are available in bios that there wimsbios. My current Bios shows the value 686B, 686A wimsbios those. What difference is that value?

The temperature of the equipment is as follows metiendome in bios after a while:
Current CPU Temp 41ºc/105º
Current System Temp 34ºc/93ºF
Current CPUFAN Speed 3091 RPM
Current CHSFAN Speed 1998 RPM
VCore = 1,69 V
VDD = 3.28 V
3,3v = 3,30 V
5 v = 4,75 V
12v = 11,52 V

Is not this a little low voltage 12v?

I installed a fan pulling air from the CPU to the side of the chip, attached to the tower. I've connected to FAN CHSFAN. I FAN3 also available. Does it matter where you plug it?

Thanks for the help
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The Bios seems to have an autodetect feature for the southbridge chipset installed on your board and changes it's ID-code accordingly. VT82C686A is the older one and VT82C686B is the newer one.
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I made ​​a mistake, the bios is 2003, not 2013. Thanks for the reply. I'll edit the text and correct it.
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