ASRock 970 extrem4, i killed it help!

Hot-swapping and Boot-Block flash & Boot block flash and floppy support
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here what happened, several days ago i tried to update my bios version on the motherboard through something called UEFI, anyways i restarted my pc during the updateing process, then it didn't boot ever or even "beeb", black screen with nothing on it when i turn on my pc, there is a small screen on the motherboard called Dr.Debug it reads "10", i tried to reset my CMOS by several ways jumper,battary removal and reattach, Clear CMOS button, nothing worked i know iam the reason for this if there is any help please i will appreciate it. i searched on (TweakTown ASRock support) forums and i posted there they said to me remove the battery for 1 day then try again. iam now, any advise els i will try also. ty ^^
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check if you are using compatible memory as this error message occurs many times if using incompatible memory.

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