Matrox Parhelia 256 PCI-X graphics cards in Tualatin boards

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Has anyone been able to get a Matrox Parhelia 256 PCI-X graphics card running in a motherboard utilising the Intel ServerWorks ServerSet III LE or HE-SL chipsets? For those who are not aware, these are server/workstation-class dual PIII-S Tualatin motherboards. I am using an Intel SAI2, which is based on the ServerSet III LE chipset. It has two PCI-X slots (not PCI-express) 64-bit/66MHz and four 32-bit/33MHz PCI slots. When I insert the Parhelia 256 PCI-X card into the PCI-X slot, I can boot into WinXP fine, but after installing the drivers, the system will not load again. The screen goes blank after "Starting Windows XP Pro". When I plug the card into a PCI/32-bit slot, I see that the system is having trouble assigning resources to the PCI-PCI bridge. Same problem with Windows 2000.

I read on some forum somewhere some time ago that another user had this issue and contacted Intel, while the SAI2 was still in production, and was told that an Intel BIOS update would be needed but Intel was not willing to provide this update. Does anyone on this forum know what needs to be done to the SAI2 BIOS to get a PCI-X graphic card functioning properly? PCI-X NIC and SCSI cards work fine in the PCI-X slots. Note that this motherboard does not contain an AGP slot. Much appreciated!
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What driver version are you using and where did you download that?
What bios is on the cards itself? Did you verify the cards work in an other mainboard?
And you are using this bios already, right? ... ProdId=602

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