NEC Powermate ml4 BIOS (1680x1050 VGA)

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Hello good people!
I'm in search for BIOS update for this bugger ... olumbia_mt
I'm trying to run 1680x1050 on it with the latest VGA and LCD drivers installed ... I can see desired resolution, but can't set it.
The VBIOS is 1.something.something, so that seems to be the problem.
I've tried generic gigabyte BIOS for ga-8siml ver.1 ... the flash utilitie tried to load the BIOS and gave "wrong BIOS ID".
After visual inspection the motherboard is gigabyte ga-8siml ver.1 and in the bottom left corner on a white background there is NF and rev.1
I think that's the MB ... 541efaeabf
MB ID in AIDA64 is 62-1029-001199-00101111-040201-SiS650$NECC000_8SIML V3.0K
Current BIOS version 8SIML V3.0K
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The maximum resolution any known updated vbios will give you is 1440x900. In your case the only way to reach the desired resolution is adding a video card that does support that resolution.

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