HIB_716.rom, board AAHD3-HB, HP p7-1138, use safuwin.exe?

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I tried to flash the BIOS file HIB_716.rom on the motherboard AAHD3-HB in a HP Pavilion p7-1138 with safuwin.exe, actually with sp56409.exe which includes safuwin.exe and HIB_716.rom . After that, the system was corrupted. I can get a welcome window (Windows 10), but it freezes after. I can still go to the BIOS setup utility. The original bios was HIB_707.rom. I am surprised that when I go to the BIOS setting, I see 716 and every thing seems fine. However, it's the interaction with the remainder of the computer that apparently is not fine. Maybe I just need to change the configuration manually. Perhaps, the BIOS itself is fine, only the configuration was lost, as it happens some times when we update an application. Anyway, if I have to flash again the BIOS, I do not want to use safuwin.exe, because it seems to be old and not for 64bits machine with Windows 10. What applications should I use then and what options should I provide?
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