D845PT Motherboard Update Failed, Recovery Failed

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Hello All,

I found you through the Tom's Hardware blogs.
Have a working old Pentium 4/Windows XP PC to be upgraded for video capture work. It worked until I attempted a BIOS upgrade today to its latest Intel change from 2003. Motherboard is Intel D845PT. I followed both Intel download site and specific Intel motherboard instructions for an Express update, which did not complete. It ended with error message "CMOS/GNPV Checksum Bad"

Have now followed instructions for Intel recovery by changing the motherboard jumper and using a CD as a recovery boot disk. It has not worked. One instruction talks about using only the .BIO file for recovery. The other indicates that both .BIO and the IFLASH file should be copied for both recovery and completion of the update.

Not sure if I am transferring the recovery/update file to CD/DVD correctly (boot disc/image to disc saving, etc.) but tried to apply this site's explanation about copying to boot disc. It didn't work.

Am hoping that these are procedural errors on my part and that the BIOS is not lost.

Would very much appreciate your assistance.
New visitors - please read the rules.
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Tried to update BIOS from Intel archived updates and possibly made two mistakes. I tried the express update via windows for one. It stuck and won't boot past SETUP. Second, I learned of the possibility that Gateway installed their own BIOS in these motherboards. That might explain why I can't recover with removing the jumper, etc.

Can anyone confirm that there is a unique Gateway BIOS and possibly direct me to a source? Thanks.
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If it is the Gateway variety I expect some sort of Gateway labeling in there.

Also, please replace the CR2032 coin cell battery first so we can be sure if we start flashing anything it will operate properly.

All Intel motherboards have a recovery mode to flash the original proper bios back in case of an emergency, we can use that as a last resort option.

When it boots it will show a bios identifier, that includes "PT84510A.xxA" can you please tell what the xxA is? 86A or 15A?

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