Looking for BIOS: VTech/PCPartner M486-UPI (Award 2A4X5V31)

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It's a long shot, but in the hopes of reviving an older 486 motherboard I'm looking for the BIOS of a VTech/PCPartner M486-UPI (UMC881/886 chipset), aka 702710B 35-8216-01. Its full BIOS string is, presumably, Award 04/18/95-UMC-881-886A-2A4X5V31-00. It was most likely originally in a desktop made by Laser Computer Europe.

The listings on this site link to a BIOS service that is supposed to have this BIOS, but it doesn't show up in eSupport's search unfortunately.

I'm unable to find anything on PCPartner's website nor on VTech's website (via web.archive.org). Also Laser Computer never seemed to offer BIOS updates themselves, it seems.

Anyone who happen to have the BIOS update, the board itself or know where to look?

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16 year old post:
http://www.motherboards.org/forums/view ... 14&start=0

one on sale 3 years ago:

there is an owner (appiah4) in here:
https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f= ... tart=23860

As for the bios itself I haven't found it in the offline archives yet. If it shows up I'll post it in here.

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